"How we create a warm welcome........

Our Vision of the Royal Oak

 To be a traditional pub, that is a destination pub that is enjoyed by all, from far and near. This is achieved by a great atmosphere in the pub, which when you enter, it makes you feel like time has stood still and when you leave you look forward to returning.  

Our Values

Practical & Ethical


 Have the products for our customers and the environment to suit it – keep it simple. We support each other, sharing knowledge and experience

Proud & Humble


We are part of the community and serve the local residents, we respect our heritage. Good manners is at our core and we value our relationships with each other, customers and suppliers.

Quality & Efficient


 We aim to provide the best level of product that is cost efficient for the business and customer. We work hard to do it right first time, we are constantly seeking for improvements to help achieve highest possible standard